Visual arts by Steffen Skopp


Time on earth is precious for me and I am not going to waste it. While traveling through different timezones, stressed by jet lags –  I simply stay awake whenever possible. I stay awake at nights and be a bit sleepy during the days. I discovered wonderful things along my sleepwalks. Being out in the middle of the night let me visit and see places in a new different way. At night there is no rush, there are no borders, less control and pure communication between the few awake.

In the dark we don’t wear our everyday masks.

Be Aware of Clean Water.

Skopposan Film Production

With great power comes great responsibility – #SpiderMan already told you that when you were young.  It doesn’t take a genius to understand the importance of #clean #water. #waterIsAHumanRight  – is that true for you? Thanks @vivaconagua for your effort going the extra mile for humans out there with less power and no water. This 2 minutes clip may contributes to the topic.
#BoostYourAudience #water #vivaconagua #supportForOthers 
Thanks @petermckinnon for inspiration.
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