Adobe Premiere Rush CC
Review of the most mobile editing software


Edit for footage on-the-go while having a coffee, sitting in a taxi or waiting somewhere. Your data is synced over the cloud so you can continue editing anytime your start your computer. Super easy to use. 

Wouldn’t it be nice to cut your videos on the go on your phone? Have you never thought: „I could save time if I could do the rough cut while I am sitting in the bloody taxi.“ If this sounds familiar – great news for you. Adobe has finally made what I have dreamt about for several years – a pocket version from their editing software Adobe Premiere.
That alone would be brilliant for us, the users and creators, but they added a nice little thing: an additional desktop version of the software, fully connected and synced through the Creative Cloud. 

Adobe Rush CC

Game changer

For me this is a game changer in the video editing world. Now you can edit on your mobile and than pass the half ready project over to your desktop. Adobe let you sync the project over the Adobe cloud which comes with the Creative Cloud. The program is a lightweight version of the bigger brother premiere.

En détail

Adobe Premiere Rush CC let you easily cut and edit your videos. Adjustments for brightness, color and transformations can be done. Orientation can be changed which is super important for creating portrait orientated video like Instagram Stories.  

You can add titles and it let you choose from various examples. No surprises here, it works and is great. 


Overall the touch version is really intuitive and well made. Just how you should make touch programs today. Very intuitive if you have ever used a timeline based editing software.

Missing feature

Slow-motions are so widely used and are so great to make your videos more lively. At this stage (Nov. 2018) the program does not support any changes of the speed of a clip. Since mobile phones already support frame rates up to 240 fps, my opinion is that we will see a support for slow-motions very soon in Adobe Premiere Rush CC.

Desktop version

The desktop version let you control the output frame rate which you won’t find in the mobile version. If you go for the cinematic 24fps you need to export your final version through the desktop program. 


For me this new Adobe Premiere Rush CC  is a total new game. Video editing goes mobile and into the cloud. It fits perfect into the Adobe workflow. Your project can be imported into Premiere and you will get the missing features. Thumbs up for a very well made solution. I love it. 


About the Author:

Two decades of experience in the camera industry, the former product manager for the Leica SL system, Steffen Skopp works as a consultant to help companies to get a clear sight about their business situation, future changes and digital marketing.


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